About Us

Welcome to Brill Recovery, where we believe that recovery is just as important as training. Founded by professional rugby players Riekert Hattingh and Mathew Turner, our mission is to provide you with a line of CBD products that can help you win the recovery.

Based in the state of Washington, we are proud to research, develop, and test our products locally. Our commitment to quality means that we only use the finest ingredients and adhere to the highest standards of production. We believe that everyone should have access to Brill Recovery products that are globally trusted and endorsed by professional athletes.

Riekert Hattingh has a wealth of experience in the rugby world, having played for the Blue Bulls in Pretoria, South Africa, and currently playing for the Seattle Seawolves in US Major League Rugby. He has won two Major League Championships and is also part of the USA National Team.

Mathew Turner has been a professional rugby player for 14 years and played on the World 7s Series for five years, representing England and earning nominations for IRB player of the year and top try scorer. He is also a member of the Seattle Seawolves, where he has won two Major League championships.

At Brill Recovery, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal recovery and performance. Trust in our products and let us help you win the recovery!