How Topical CBD Helps With Muscle Recovery

How Topical CBD Helps with Muscle Recovery

Every time you work out or perform a strenuous exercise, you put your muscles through a great deal of stress. In response to the pressure, your body has systems to restore your muscles. However, CBD products can work with a series of receptors to enhance muscle recovery.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the substances found in marijuana and can interact with cellular receptors in the body. CBD interacts with the body differently from other cannabis substances and does not cause a ‘high-effect.’

You can consume CBD as delicious edibles, drop it under your tongue, or vape it. However, you can also consume CBD oil topically. Topical CBD is a cannabis-infused product that can be applied directly to the skin. You can find these CBD topicals in the form of gels, massage oils, lotions, Epsom salt, and creams. Studies indicate that Topical CBD products are an excellent option for muscle pain relief and relaxation

The Connection between Topical CBD and Muscle Recovery

CBD contains anti-inflammatory aspects that can be great for muscle recovery. After a workout, using topical CBD can help your body recover, rebalance, and ultimately rebuild muscles. Besides, you can use a muscle pain relief cream to reduce pain and recovery time by assisting in muscle recovery and decreasing inflammation.

Your Body During and After Work out or Exercise

Working out tricks your body into thinking that it requires you to be stronger, faster, and function better. For instance, doing daily push-ups to exhaustion allows your body to get used to this type of exercise.

During the workout, your muscle fibers may sustain microscopic damage. Your body builds the muscles a little stronger during the repair process. After a while, you develop more muscles, thus becoming noticeably stronger.

However, this tearing and repairing under stress can result in muscle soreness. It is essential to note that muscle recovery commonly occurs while you’re asleep. Several systems contribute to muscle recovery.

Topical CBD for Muscle Soreness

Most athletes today apply topical CBD to alleviate muscle soreness and improve recovery. While the breakdown of muscle fibers is essential for muscle gains and growth, excess inflammation may be undesirable.

When your muscles cannot recover from the inflammation, you are at high risk of being run down, injured, or worse still, getting ill due to a weak immune response.

In several instances, the inflammation can be severe. The inflammation can increase creatinine levels and serum blood urea nitrogen, thus causing complications like muscle death or kidney problems.

The natural anti-inflammatory properties of topical CBD can be an optimal addition to your muscle recovery routine. This is because CBD has an antioxidant impact that reduces inflammation by decreasing undesirable spasticity for athletes. Topical CBD also reduces creatinine and excess urea nitrogen levels, thus lowering the risk of complications after intensive exercises.

How and When Should You Use Topical CBD for Muscle Recovery?

You can apply CBD as many times as needed. The amount of topical CBD to use may depend on the workout intensity, metabolism, or body mass. Experts reveal that there’s no need to use more topical CBD than you need to achieve your recovery goals. Therefore, you can start with small portions, evaluate how you feel after a while, and adjust whenever you need.

What to Look for in a Topical CBD for Recovery

It’s essential to pay attention to the quality and consistency of the topical CBD you use. While some jurisdictions allow these products to contain some traces of THC, using these topicals may not be intoxicating. These products do not penetrate deeply enough to enter your bloodstream.

A study revealed that THC and CBD-infused topicals do not cause positive findings in urine and blood tests. However, there are topicals intended to offer that kind of penetration.

Therefore, it’s essential to consult your physician, manufacturer, or distributor before you use a CBD and THC-infused product. It’s also necessary to look for a third-party verification that assures the best federal standards have been achieved or exceeded.

If you are a health-conscious person who has regular workout sessions and wants to achieve muscle recovery, you need to know the CBD topical you use. A GMP verification, a third-party lab test, and a recommendation from your fitness expert or coach can help ensure you are using the correct product for your body.

Bottom Line

Topical CBD offers a cheap and natural alternative for speeding up post-workout muscle recovery for athletes or fitness enthusiasts. If your goal is to achieve pain recovery and relief, you can use topical CBD without changing much of what you do.

Whether you use CBD-infused Epsom salt, muscle pain relief gel, or muscle pain relief cream, topical CBD is a low-risk muscle recovery and pain relief solution.